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gets you cuddles and 0 gets you pretty much anything else, Cradles his new Wiffuu as he obviously thought shaving this morning might be an a bit inconvenient. So send an e-mail, [grabs body pillow] I'll give you a response. [winks and turns off camera] Text at the end of the video: Women Only need respond. If you smoke, please put it out and air freshen the room prior to my arrival. Video smuggled out by the CWC secret police (CWCSP) from unclassified sources - honest [Chris speaks in an attempted seductive voice, upside down on his bed] Hello ladies.

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The original upload appeared to be stretched from its original aspect ratio (which any 16:9 phone uses when recording in vertical mode) to 4:3, giving the video a distorted, stretched look. A corrected version of the video can be seen below, while the original version can be found here. [rolls over again and rubs ass] That booty look good enough for ya?

This is the CWCville Library - Christino, solicits for money. Advice to the e-mail only, nobody with STDs, and only women of any orientation need apply. [silently wriggles his ass around] So, respond now. Email to [email protected] details and arrangments.

The You Tube channel where the video likely originated is here.

The channel was created on 19 June 2016, meaning that Chris decided to become a prostitute on Father's Day. [flips over, slaps backside, and says something unintelligible] and maybe show off my booty!

On one occasion, as she got into her car, Elvis fired shots over her head. Another time, he had an aide let the air out of her tires.