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Nicholson usually has an afternoon nap to steel him for the night’s entertainment — staying in with a few friends to watch a feature film.Although it all sounds too pedestrian to be true, it certainly tallies with what others told me this week about his life today.

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Unwilling to believe their love god really is mortal, some fans claim Nicholson’s plaintive calls for female company are a sham, just another chat-up line from a man who knows how to tug on female heartstrings.

To others, however, it sounds like the honest despondency of a man who — after a life of using and discarding women — finally realises he needs one to look after him in his dotage.

He went on: ‘There were points in my life when I felt oddly irresistible to women.

I’m not in that state right now, which makes me sad.’Friends say he is single — which, for Nicholson, is a stunning state of affairs. ‘They think of my reputation — Jack the Jumper — so I’m damned by what women think.’That may be true, but it also has to be said that Nicholson is not quite the babe magnet he once was.

Harry Dean Stanton, now 88, lived with Nicholson for nearly three years in Laurel Canyon before either was famous, and he admits they had some wild times together. As ex-girlfriends have attested, Nicholson may be well-read, artistic and fiercely intelligent, but he is a man of simple tastes.