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The Senate is debating the future of American health care, yet one very important issue has yet to get a full and fair debate.

Is the individual mandate that forces citizens to purchase health care insurance a constitutional power of the federal government?

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Mandating health care

Flu shots can help reduce the rate of sickness which could impact health insurance costs, absenteeism and employee productivity. Many other organizations are encouraging, but not requiring, vaccinations.

However, not everyone’s convinced about their effectiveness and sometimes . Rick Fuentes, a spokesman for the Twin Cities-based Minnesota Nurses Association believes that voluntary programs work better.

Most people in the health profession agree it’s a good preventive measure and even the Center for Disease Control says the vaccine can reduce one’s risk of getting the flu anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. In September, the company rolled out a mandatory vaccination policy that requires all of their employees (as well as volunteers, medical students and vendors who work in their facilities) to get inoculated as “a condition of employment.” The company says that limited exemptions were allowed for religious or medical reasons. we needed to move to requiring the vaccination,” Essentia’s Dr.

Essentia is a Minnesota-based health care provider that operates long-term facilities, hospitals and clinics and employs 15,000 staff members in four states.

Lovers of small, limited government hope that sanity prevails with the 100 elites making decisions about the future of health care right now in the United States Senate, yet we have minimal confidence that they will end up doing the right thing.