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Although Tom Everett Scott's buttoned-down Jason is destined to lose out, the film doesn't turn him into a villain.

As Johnny, Gabriel Macht represents the ideal: sexy, adventurous, a little bohemian, and capable of vulnerability.

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Meanwhile, Stephen Collins playing Johnny's dad) shows up to allow Daphne to enjoy a little romance of her own.

Based on her performance here, Mandy Moore should do more romantic comedies. Given the right male lead and a strong female co-star or two, it's hard to see her appearing in many misses.

One of his closest friends is his co-star of the show Suits, Sarah Rafferty, for whom he has been friends for almost two decades now.

You can go to to know about his career, filmography, and other professional developments till date.

She finds a clear winner - successful architect Jason (Tom Everett Scott) - and contrives for him to meet Milly. At the same time, Milly encounters musician Johnny (Gabriel Macht) - who also met Daphne but was found wanting - and begins a relationship with him.