Matt lauer and savannah dating

"You were a beautiful bride," said Matt Lauer Monday. "At one point after the ceremony, the sun was setting on one side, the other, we're talking about a full moon.It was beautiful." The event was a very well kept secret, and Savannah was back at her TODAY desk on Monday.

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The TODAY family is about to get bigger: Savannah Guthrie is pregnant with her second child! " she said, surprising her fellow anchors with the news.

Savannah announced Tuesday that she and husband Mike Feldman are expecting another baby at the end of the year. Savannah pretended to engage in a game of “Tuesday Trending Fishbowl” that drew in everyone, and then asked the question, "Are you pregnant?

The first source added of Morales’ move, “[A scandal] is the last thing NBC wanted after the Ann Curry debacle.” Morales said, “There is absolutely no truth to this completely absurd story. I have proven myself in all aspects of my job as a news professional and journalist, and am adding to my role, taking on three jobs with ‘Access Hollywood Live’ and ‘Access Hollywood,’ in addition to ‘Today.’ This move was dictated by me and my desire to grow in my career.

NBC host Matt Lauer's wife is said to have threatened him with divorce if newsreader Natalie Morales - who he is rumored to have had an affair with - takes Ann Curry's seat when her departure is announced at the end of the week.

Wedding bells are ringing for Savannah Guthrie — and baby bells, too!