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I'm asking whether the same can be said of men who seek out little people and the morbidly obese, since many such men do in fact exist.

I think its healthy and admirable that you consider yourself normal.

Height is just a question of perspective, IMHO and society is unnecessarily judgemental. Maybe when women, however subconsciously, size up a man as potential mate material they look for that whole "good genes" thing.

First a few statements of fact: There exists a body of erotica and pornography devoted to "average" men who are attracted to morbidly obese women.

To a lesser degree, there also exists similar material which caters to "average" men who are attracted to little people, or, in other words, dwarves & midgets.

Warning: I am not a wack-o, Stalker, or Weirdo as I hear the pond is full of.