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As recommended by Cleland et al, the questionnaire was pre-tested, edited and modified to our setting.

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The young people in the camps had very limited knowledge of reproductive health issues; only about one in five correctly answered at least one question on reproductive health.

They were clear that they wanted more reproductive health education and services, to be provided by health workers rather than parents or teachers who were not able to give them the information they needed.

Of the 140 000 people living in the nine refugee camps, 43 000 (30%) are young people between 10-24 years [].

They have grown up isolated in a closed setting with little access to the outside world with a notable systematic aid dependency by receiving shelter, food, health services and education from the Thai government and the international community [].

A stratified randomized cross-sectional survey was carried out to assess knowledge of reproductive health issues, attitude, beliefs and norms and quality of life of young refugees aged 15 - 24 years.

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    In 2016, 1.76 million people were additionally treated in bringing the global coverage of hepatitis C curative treatment to 13%.

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