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Raking in the cash and inspiring kids and women alike, Wonder Woman is a smash hit.

This success is due not only to its well-structured story and perfect cast, but also because of its fresh perspective.

These types of female characters are intelligent, beautiful and can often kick plenty of ass, but they also tend to be critically naive and supposedly need a man to guide and, ahem, “instruct” them in the ways of love.

Yet as Wonder Woman shows, Diana is more mature and astute than your average cinematic heroine, and doesn't need that kind of help from anybody.

Certainly, there is quite a lot that Diana and Steve have in common; as the film progresses, we realize that both characters are outsiders in some shape or form.

Diana and Steve are also skilled combatants, and the two of them share a passion for justice — even if their methods and outlook do vary somewhat.

Wonder Woman and the Amazons have been depicted as queer in the comics for some time, which means that Diana’s line about pleasure without men can definitely be read as a hint towards the Amazons sexually gratifying each other.