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"Vakachechema (they begged me to reconsider) and even offered me more money, but I was not interested.

They were worried about getting a different guy because you need discretion for such deals," he said.

Police, who are now investigating, urged members of the public to be vigilant in case they are picked up by the women after a spate of female-on-male rapes in the country.

The pros But one the other side you have something whose attraction I cannot dismiss; money.

Who of us does not want more money on any given day of the week?

The driver went on to tell me that the practice of pimping young girls is rife in Harare.

He said the owner of a modelling agency had also been in the game, offering her models to the highest bidder.

For young people, it is great to be trendsetter or to just fit in with everyone else and having a lot of money is the way to do it.