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Under the warning, Martin Metcalfe wrote: "PSNI attitudes to nudity are clearly medieval.

Nudity does not harm anyone, especially children who are natural nudists.

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From our work in schools and producing resources for secondary age pupils, we know that sexting is becoming a growing issue that schools have to tackle.

Being well informed about the way sexting occurs, the laws and consequences around it and where to signpost pupils for more information is really important for school staff so that you can talk more openly with pupils about this topic as well as pass on practical advice.

This week saw a teenager in Canada being found guilty of possessing and distributing images of child abuse by forwarding naked images of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

The case highlights the potential consequences of sexting behaviour by young people; not just for the person who created the original image, but also for those who engage in sharing and possessing such images.

To claim nudity is sexual is to make every shower or bath you have a sexual act." Chief Inspector Michael Mc Donald, North Down area commander, said: "We want people to act responsibly and with consideration for others and taking your clothes off in a very busy area with lots of young children about is neither responsible or considerate." Nudists can be prosecuted under the Public Order Act for outraging public decency.