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The township is set on the edge of an almost fourteen-mile-wide crater lake.Steaming geysers are a frequent sight on crosstown drives; they’re even in people’s backyards. In November a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked parts of New Zealand, severely damaging a historic museum in Rotorua.

There’s the lifelong farmer with photographs of his favorite cows and sheep that will accompany him into the afterlife; the musician whose coffin looks more like a Steinway piano than a stairway to heaven; and the Vietnam War veteran who strapped an outboard motor to the vessel for his “final voyage,” and raised a few eyebrows when he lined it with the finest, dainty lace.

Coffin Club branches have sprung up all over New Zealand and Australia.

Some of their traditions, coupled with comments from work colleagues, had compelled her to worry that being a member of the Coffin Club would be like “asking for death to come in the door.” Williams put her in touch with a Maori elder, who is also a Christian minister.

Hawira says the minister told her, “For goodness sake, it’s just a box.

He was, after all, one of the first and youngest members in the history of the club, and his casket is still among one of the collective’s most elaborate creations.