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Opera was joined by sister ship MSC Armonia in winter 2016.

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A suit or tux or ball gown are not necessary, though on the meet-the-captain night people go all-out.

Adults, which are classified as aged 12 and over, pay 10 euros per night; children, classified as aged 2 and over, pay five euros per night, and there's no charge for kids aged 2 and under. A 15 percent service charge is added to bar bills and spa treatments, with the exception of the prepaid all-inclusive beverage package.

You also never know what response your "good morning" will get ...

it might be a "Guten tag" or "Buenos Dias," "Buon Giorno" or "Bonjour." That's one of the things that make this ship special, and also means announcements in at least five different languages; sometimes more.

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