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I watched with fascination when she started moaning louder and started jerking as she reached an orgasm.I knew immediately that my mom was masturbating, but I’d never thought of putting something inside me when I did it.She always seemed sad and wistful and often talked of our old home in the Ukraine. I soon got over my fears and was diddling myself pretty regularly.

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In the early part of 1988 my father was part of a Soviet contingent that went to Sweden as part of a technology exchange program between the Soviet Union and Sweden.

We all soon moved to the United States, where he went to work at a large tech firm outside of Washington D. My mother never really took to her surroundings and refused to learn to speak English so, even when I was young, I acted as her translator when we went to the grocery store. By the time I turned nine, I had given myself my first orgasm, the intensity of which initially scared me half to death.

I knew he was handsome, but I always got irritated at her, because what girl would ever be attracted to her dad? He wasn’t in his office or out back so I went to his room. I yanked them off, grabbed my brush and plunged it in my little pussy.

I imagined my dad’s huge cock sliding in and out of me until I started having the best orgasm of life.

I was cumming so hard that I didn’t hear the knock on the door.

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