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The General wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with brigadier general’s shoulder straps. He wears a commercial sack coat with a black felt collar and brigadier generals shoulder straps. He is posed with one hand thrust into his dark double-breasted frock coat. CDV is a waist-up view of Charles Sherwood Stratton (January 4, 1838 – July 15, 1883), better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb", a dwarf who achieved great fame as a performer under circus… Handkerchief was carried throughout the Civil War by Robert Burrill. Image shows Halleck standing in a typical Napoleonic pose. This pocket Colt has a serial number of 132954 that matches throughout including the wedge pin. The octagonal barrel is 4.00 inches long and with light scattered wear… This framed piece consists of a pre-printed check drawn on an account at the Bank of the Metropolis, 17 Union Square, New York City.

David Hammond Vinton was born May 4, 1803 in Providence, Rhode Island. From Wikipedia we get this about the Cuyler: USS R. Also in the frame are two images of Burrill, one a tintype as a soldier, and the other as an older bearded gentleman. He wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with black velvet collar and cuffs and Major General’s shoulder straps. Please click on the photograph above to view a flyer containing information regarding a Model 1860 Henry Rifle and pair of cased presentation Colt Revolvers identified to Secretary of War Simon…. CDV image of two officers seated side by side and posed identically with legs crossed. The top two buttons, collar and one shoulder strap of Sheldon’s dark coat can be seen. This document has multiple vertical folds and when opened meas. Written entirely in Sickles’ hand, it is dated April 26, 1886 and… Recently mounted (within the last thirty years) on heavy white card paper.

Harris who had 50 years active service and was the 6th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

sent us a link to the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms De-Certified Handgun List.

Regulation model 1839 Scabbard in a white buff shoulder belt (baldric). Included are copy photos of Lincoln, the hanging scene, and a… He is wearing a dark colored coat with stand-up collar. There is a handwritten inscription in period ink which… He is wearing a light colored civilian frock coat, white shirt and cravat. CDV is a three-quarter standing view of General George Mc Clellan. Mc Clellan, and was printed by order of the War Department for use of the United States Army. Superb Grouping Of Personal Effects From Battle Veteran Henry S.

Under each photo are a few strands of hair from each individual. 11" X 14" unframed display with strands of Abraham Lincoln's hair as well as fragments from the scaffold that the conspirators were hung.

Image shows Buell posed between a column and a heavy curtain. Bottom of mount is labeled with a handwritten inscription… Image shows a mustached soldier wearing a dark frock coat with a small stripped bowtie. He is wearing a dark colored civilian frock coat, vest and trousers with a white shirt and cravat. The subject wears a dark frock coat with 1st Lieutenant shoulder straps and matching dark trousers. CDV image of Banks posed standing with one hand resting on the hilt of his sword and the other by his side holding a bicorn. Present are the original embroidered elements of the flag, including the Seal of the State of New York which includes the images of Liberty… Osborn posed with one arm behind his back and the other resting on the back of a chair.