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It’s tough to imagine these giant competitors pivoting so drastically as to put synchronous group video chat front and center.

Sexting — the questionably sexy practice of sending nude photos of oneself to lovers/Twitter followers/scandalized parents — is not exactly renowned for its good sense.

The app is certainly novel, leading to a huge spike to #3 on the overall i OS app charts in May. Houseparty was back up at #29 this week, and in the few days since talking to the company, it’s now climbed to 1.2 million daily users.

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The second place is your office, social but formal and full of responsibility.

The third place is the coffeehouse, the bar, the mall — a public space for relaxing, socializing, sharing ideas, or goofing off.

Instead of posting to a feed and waiting for Likes, or slinging texts and media back and forth over messaging, Housepartying happens Live.

But rather than make one person the center of attention, Houseparty splits the screen up to 8 times so everyone can talk and laugh together.

And disapproving puritans the nation over have tut-tutted the women, and sometimes men, whose compromising photographs end up posted online for prying eyes.