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Thus, while seems innocuous (and often even somewhat condescending toward both fan culture and cross-dressing), its engagement with these fundamentally disruptive traditions suggests a subtle undermining of Japanese patriarchal and heteronormative traditions.

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I've watched it nine times and it still manages to make me laugh.

It's one of the only anime that made me laugh out loud, and its parody of the average shoujo anime is even funnier to me now that I've started watching more and more anime as a (unprofessional/amatuer/just doing it for fun and to share my own thoughts) reviewer. read more Ouran High School is a prestigious private academy where money and status count for everything.

Both camp and fan parody complicate traditional narratives by appropriating and refiguring them.

In each case, a marginalized group seizes on an iconic cultural production and draws attention to its ridiculousness through playful, often reverent, exploitation.

Story The strongest episodes in the Ouran High School Host Club are essentially nothing more than character development.