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I don’t feel weird about it just because I’m younger and if other people do I don’t feel some type of way about it.

At the end of the day, I’m not the only person who has dated older and he’s not the only person who’s dated younger.

And for whatever reason this is working for us right now. I think because I started off in TV, that’s what I personally love to do. I also did 90 Minutes Of The Fever which is debuting at some film festivals in LA while its [being shopped around] to different networks.

The main people I never want to disappoint are my mom and my dad. I wouldn’t be surprised if they love him more than me. I’ve been in a relationship where someone didn’t want me to shine or work or audition. The age difference isn’t that big of a deal when the person is doing all the right things. Other than that, I’ve been auditioning, have a TV show in development and have been designing my swimsuit line which I’m hoping to release in August around my birthday.

A woman on a mission is the best way to describe this budding star, a journey she would love for you all to join her on.

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    "The reason could be that human brain reads subliminal cues while interacting face-to-face, which go beyond the individual reading of gestures, facial expressions and words.

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    “They want to meet the good old-fashioned way, face to face, because they feel like they’ll be looked down on otherwise.” Online dating is often seen as the last refuge of the desperate – a declaration that you can’t meet anyone “in the real world” – but a 2011 report by online dating site RSVP found that one in four Australians had logged on looking for love.

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    C) which resulted in large numbers of Jews leaving the orthodox fold.