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I first tried this perfume in 1998, just a few months after its release.

I still remember the astronaut campaign and the sticker samples that filled every men's magazine.

This is perhaps the biggest and most financially damaging mistake that expats can make. Yes, I know there are many successful Internet relationships. I also know many, many horror stories here from guys that come, fall in love, and get burned. Again, there are dozens of web sites filled with stories of people getting scammed.

It's surprisingly uplifting and has enough spices and maybe a tiny bit of citrus to make it bright and not boring or cloying. Yes imo, so far to say even one the best designer frags ever!

I will try my best to find the old formulation otherwise the new one is still extremely good. A true classic frag for vanilla lovers, not as strong as it used to be, but still strong enough to be enjoyed still today This fragrance is truly sensual and exquisite.

I have been writing on Live in the Philippines for two and a half years now, living here nearly three years. Read and learn as much about the culture and language as possible. Don’t believe that you are a wealthy target everywhere you walk.

Before moving here, I lived in the Middle East, and traveled extensively in the developing world. Leave the walled, guarded compound once in a while.

Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 31.84 - 56.54 USDNotino DE-AT 7 items for 37.34 - 64.60 EURFragrance EUR 4 items for 37.83 - 67.17 EURFragrance 4 items for 44.09 - 78.29 1 product for 55.00 GBPBRASTY. Oriental woody perfume Pi by the house of Givenchy is excellent for eternal explorers and fans of sensual experiments.