Polynesian online dating

I’m really good at: Working for the man, getting paid, following the rules at The Saloon, using the perfect amount of starch in my shirts, singing “I Want It That Way” at Peyote on a Saturday night.The first things people usually notice about me: I dunno you tell me lol (WHY IS THIS A THING?

You should message him if: You don’t actually care to converse with people, just hump them._________________________________________________________________This girl at first seems pretty cool since she’s so into populist indie arts and entertainment and her photos look very promising. but in the same breath, I can’t deny how unbelievably beautiful women are.

Her mailbox tends to always be full, but fuck it, maybe just camp out and see when you can shoot her a message–oh, nevermind, there’s sort of a catch. I like watching girl on girl porn, and even had my first threesome when I was 19.

Still, many other people seem to think that if you’re trying to find your special someone via the internet, you must be some kind of socially inept weirdo.

Certainly there are normal people, and there are absolutely creeps and eye rolling stereotypes-come-to-life.

The first things people usually notice about me: I like to wink 😉Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food: Book – Lolita; Show – Honey Boo Boo; Music – Justin Bieber; Food – Zima On a typical Friday night I am: Probably seen on the blooper reel from “To Catch a Predator.”You should message him if: You’re comfortable with the thought that someone may be hired to play you in a dramatic reenactment on “Dateline.”_________________________________________________________________Username: Thebach3lorette Age: 22My self summary: Fashionista PR Maven [Non Redskins NFL team] Foodie Boy Crazy Synergistic Networker Wino Music Lover Super Random Love The Bachelor(!!!