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Laotong, the movie explains, is a life-long relationship between women, often considered more important than marriage.

But in reality, one in three women will have at least one abortion by the time she is 45, and these women run the gamut of ages, races, backgrounds and beliefs.

"I've seen every type of woman in my office, from Catholics to Muslims to mothers with three kids," says Dr. "I've even treated someone I recognized—because I'd seen her before, protesting right outside my clinic."Yet in interviews, counselors, medical experts and more than two dozen women who have had the procedure agreed that women don't discuss how they decided whether or not to end a pregnancy—how it felt and how they recovered, physically and emotionally; how they look back on their choice as time passes.

"Sean and Catherine [Lowe], if I'm in Dallas we'll try and have dinner; I saw Trista and Ryan [Sutter] in Vail recently, if they're in LA they'll come and see me," Harrison revealed to Us. I still go out and have barbecues with his family, and Bob Guiney, a ton of people. It's a really weird aspect, but it's this extended family." 's dancing skills with pro partner Witney Carson. I had seen some video — he showed me some secret video earlier and I said, ' Well you're not terrible!

' But I really didn't think he'd be that good," Harrison confessed.

"Even [Soules' fiancee] Whitney Bischoff was like, ' Wow! ' The best moment was sitting between Whitney and Chris' mom — she was crying, she was pinching me, she was so excited!