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In its contemporary usage, however, Freudian slip has been carried to extremes and is often used to call attention to any slip of the tongue, especially if such attention might be embarrassing (in a questionably humorous sort of way) to the the cat out of the bag To divulge a secret, often accidentally.Most accounts claim that this expression derives from the county fairs once common in England and elsewhere at which suckling pigs were sold.

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Although we were both warned by our friends that he had a history of being shitty to girls, we were, after all, cooperative and sex-positive housemates.

We encouraged the other person to “go for it” — even though I knew her “quirky” Wes Anderson aesthetic meant she was more likely seen as girlfriend material.

A related expression, fingerman, refers to an informer, one who puts the finger on someone else.

Fingerman sometimes describes the person who cases (i.e., surveys or examines) a prospective victim or location and relays information to criminals such as thieves or one’s true colors To reveal one’s real character or personality; to strip one-self of façades and affectations; to expose one’s true attitude, opinion, or position.

Maybe this turned him on because despite his earlier hesitation, we promptly continued hooking up.