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These searches are populated from both your browser history (which we've already covered in this tutorial) and Google Suggest, a feature that "suggests" relevant search terms based on what you've already typed in.

The first thing I saw when I booted my PC yesterday evening was a notice that Google had prevented my default search setting from being changed.

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If you've ever used Google to search for something, you know that the Google search field (whether it's the Google search box, the Google Toolbar, or your browser address bar) keeps a running tab of what you've searched for.

As you keep searching, Google suggests search terms based on the first few letters of your previously searched-for terms in order to save you a little time.

It took all of about two seconds to realize that Windows Search Service attempted to change my search default.

Well, I can't prove it based solely on the Event Viewer logs, but it's safe to say the search service is the prime suspect.

This is happening on both my devices (Moto G - 6.0 and Nexus 7 - 6.0.1).