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See: How to forget an Ex you still love Depending on individual perception, this could be an insignificant reason because “love” is so difficult to define.

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It would be safe to say the percentage of infidelity cases has already crossed the double digit.

The analysis of same estimates may also show that younger to middle aged people are more likely to have an affair than older married persons.

According to him the wife is still dating the man she loved before marriage, though he is a married man now.

Of course, the wife vehemently denied the allegation saying that they are doing a business activity together as partners only and they are not having any affair. It would be incorrect and insulting to married women if the answer were a simple Yes. Let us put it this way that there are some married women who do have extra marital affairs or extramarital relationships.

Imagine a situation where the husband and wife are living in two separate towns because of career reasons.