Psychology dating compatibility test

Similarly, your partner’s personality type is where he or she scored the highest. To take an advantage of this extra time, you open your laptop and work.

Once you know your personality type, you can use compatibility information found below the table. Or head to airport bookstore to find something good to read — something practical related to your career will be the best. There are work related materials and some personal things, like family photos or things that remind me about people I love.

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Type I Type III These two types are almost polar opposites of each other and rarely end up together.

However this doesn’t mean they don’t have potential for a strong and lasting relationship.

Divided into ten sections, the personality test comprehensively evaluates you as a person and is central to our matchmaking process.

It’s based on the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits, a psychological model based on research by Robert Mc Crae and Paul Costa. We had both travelled a lot and both loved the sea…

Other members want to get an insight into the real you, so help them out by conveying what makes you special.