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It's just with the bird dead and all, there's very little act left. (a knock on the door) Ohhh, ooh, I'll talk to you later. listen, there's something I wanna talk to you about.

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Rachel Maybe it was just the kind of story where you have to be there.

(Russ enters, walking in behind Chandler.) Russ Hi.

Phoebe Oh, we were just trying to make Joey feel better.

Hey, I was so psyched to hear you're back with my sister! Fun Bobby Hey, so what'd I miss, what'd I miss, come on? (Fun Bobby picks Joey up off the ground, bounces him. (everyone raises their hands except Chandler) I'm still gonna go. Fun Bobby Uh, public display of affection coming up. (kisses Monica) (Chandler and Joey are watching, Rachel turns their heads away from Monica.) Fun Bobby See you.

Ross Yeah, yeah, just a tough day at work, you know. Whoa, whoa, I know this jacket, this is, th--Fun Bobby's jacket!