Ramifications of cross cultural dating

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Partly because most asians esp people from my country who happens to go to their country were doing hard labour e.g. I am the first Asian they met who is highly educated and not dirt poor.2) Gender roles - some people have a strong idea about gender roles brought by their culture. Some guys want to pay for EVERYTHING that it feels too uncomfortable for me.

I still would prefer to have some financial independence and feel that the reason why I am dating a guy is not in anyway tainted by any feeling of obligation because he paid for my expenses.

Nevertheless, cross-cultural psychology, cultural psychology, and international psychology are united by a common concern for expanding psychology into a universal discipline capable of understanding psychological phenomena across cultures and in a global context.

Two definitions of the field include: "the scientific study of human behavior and its transmission, taking into account the ways in which behaviors are shaped and influenced by social and cultural forces" In contrast to sociologists, most cross-cultural psychologists do not draw a clear dividing line between social structure and cultural belief systems.

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