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She has offered to let me live in her house this summer in her spare bedroom, and I am seriously considering it. It's brown, pure silk, with white flower embroiderie all over.

I took a pic on my cellphone so I can upload it later if people want to see.

She has seen me shirtless often, and I have seen her in her pajamas. It's not love yet, but I always like to treat my current romance target well.

She has seen me drunk and she claims not to mind one bit. It's a very tense-in-a-good-way type of relationship. We are not online dating yet either, because we think it's too fast, but the desire is definitely there. It's 300 bucks, which is a lot for a dress, however this sun-dress is amazing.

(1) It's too much to spend, and (2) clothing is far to personal to assume you could purchase a tee shirt that she'd like let alone a $300 garment. An article of clothing is much, much too personal a gift unless you are engaged or all but engaged.