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If you want only casual dates, make sure you let potential partners know about it.It is a question of fairness and respect not to get another person's hopes high, and waste their time and money (especially if you are on a membership fee site).

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Given the fact that online dating requires you to make a profile of who you are and what you want in a personal relationship, first you need to make this clear to yourself. Try to understand yourself and establish what you want to gain from online dating from the very beginning.

You're the one who knows yourself best, so try to honestly say if you think there may be a possibility for you to find someone online. Bear in mind that you should not go online to look for a relationship simply because your friends do. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable about this kind of contact, e-mailing potential dates or sending instant messages, online dating will probably not work for you.

So it is better to know where you stand on these issues and how the others’ goals fit yours.

It is also better to be crystal clear about your interests and values when you approach someone to e-mail or chat with them.

Be sure to read the profiles of the people you contact to see exactly what they are after.