Retail dating program

These stores bring in a ton of foot traffic into your vicinity, which opens up more opportunities for your business to get discovered.

This concept is all about supplementing the user’s real, physical world with virtual things, so they appear to coexist in the same environment.

It’s usually a well-known department store or retail chain.

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Big Data allows businesses to personalize each customer’s experience and it even lets them predict consumer behavior (i.e.

when a customer is in the mood to buy, when they’re about to lapse, etc.). With the help of IBM, the US retailer is able to gather torrents of customer information and behavior at a variety of touch points in order to serve up personalized experiences and recommendations.

On top of that, the retailer also factors in social engagement such as blogs and gift registries to further connect with its customers.

This term refers to retailers that integrate their brick and mortar store with their ecommerce site.

These dinners take place at high-end Las Vegas restaurants and bring together groups of approximately 15-20 individuals from retailers and brands.