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There is a caveat -- the robot would have to be a "perfect match." That seemingly would be easier to find than dating a real person (robots are programmable, after all). The results were published by Nesta, the UK's Innovation foundation, to promote its Future Fest festival.

Developing robots that can serve as better nurses, teachers, or sales representatives means developing robots that can support humans.

The group, whose work was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior in May, wanted to see if responsive robots could help humans see robot support “as a safe haven in times of need and as a secure base for becoming more confident in a subsequent stressful interaction.” Here’s how the experiment worked: Led to believe they were testing a speech-recognition algorithm designed for dating sites, participants were asked to tell a robot named Travis about a recent dating experience that made them feel attractive and desirable.

An 11-inch faceless robot sitting on top of a desk, Travis was actually being remotely controlled by researches (known as the “Wizard of Oz” setup) and would respond to the dating story with either a “cold shoulder” or a gentle swaying and nodding, coupled with statements like “Wow, that’s really great! ” After their interaction with Travis, participants were asked to introduce themselves, on camera, to potential romantic partners, by sharing hobbies, positive traits, and future career plans.

They could clean/cook - Imagine that- coming home to a cooked meal every night and a tidy home.