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Lars von Trier wasn't there [at the festival] this year, so in a way, we seem to have contributed noise instead," he said laughing. "I sincerely apologize to all [industry people] whom I have unintentionally tired out.

"I understand South Korean multiplexes and their wish for the three-week hold back time. I don't think Netflix normally pushes local exhibitors to simultaneously open their films.

Next Entertainment World (NEW), the South Korean distributor of the much-anticipated Netflix film, has touted the rather atypical screening venue choice as "a gesture of respect" to South Korea's cinema roots.

Local industry people have, however, noted "how strange and inconvenient it was" that the film's VIP screening was held at Daehan, located quite some distance from Yeongdeungpo Times Square, where the red carpet event for local fans took place.

"Away from the gaze of others I do continue to eat chicken and beef," he said, evoking laughter from reporters.