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This cultural factor is ingrained in male-female dynamics and it is one you should accept. It will be the first point of contact that a woman sees.

There’s no other way to get around this, and you shouldn’t even attempt it. I have been to Russia on three separate times and from that experience, I believe most can be determined by the eye contact. Maintaining strong eye contact and confident body language is the most powerful way a man can express to a Russian woman that he is a high value man, worth her investment.

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Women in Russia are not a monolithic group, because the country itself is very diverse: there are almost 200 national/ethnic groups in Russia (77.7% being Russians - as of 2010), and although most of the population is (at least nominally) Christian Orthodox, other religions are present too, such as Islam (approximately 6% - see Islam in Russia).

Famous women in Russian history include Anna of Russia, Elizabeth of Russia, Catherine the Great, Yekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova.

The position of women in Russian society must be understood within the historical context of Russia.

The history of Russia is rich and varied: the country has gone through numerous different regimes throughout the centuries.

Men and women in Russia have different gender roles when compared with their counterparts in the West. Russian women feel more feminine when they don’t have to worry about making decisions on where to have dinner.

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