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as an activity that does not presuppose inner cognitive operations.

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Resumé Denne artikels emne falder inden for ny kognitiv sprogforskning, og den diskuterer, hvordan distribueret kognition og distribueret sprog bidrager til studiet af menneskelig interaktion og betydningsdannelse.

Artiklen falder i to dele: en teoretisk og en analytisk-empirisk.

It is argued that this choice – a pull towards certain aspects at the expense of others – is deeply saturated by emotionality and affective involvement.

Finally, these findings are used to illustrate how emotion and cognition can be re-thought, not as distinct processes, but as intertwined in an organism-environment-system.

While this article focuses on the presentation of an ecological model of temporal ranges and time scales, its methodological implications and interpretive potentials are explored in Pedersen and Steffensen (2014).