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Add to that his long list of knockout performances including a reunion with Art Garfunkel, an amazing duet with George Harrison, and the moving first episode after 911, and you have one entertainer that will always be welcome on the show. Before he made his first appearance on SNL, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Christopher Walken wasn’t a particularly funny guy. Which of course led to him being cast on 30 Rock, where he continues to rack up the comedy accolades and awards.

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Martin would go one to host dozens of episodes over the course of the show’s long history (most recently in 2009) and has become such a huge part of the mythology of SNL that he may as well be a cast member.

At the very least, he deserves the same amount of credit for turning in funny performance after funny performance and helping to establish the show as the preeminent American comedy institution.

Back in the glory days, Henry was the host of each of the show’s first four season finales, and he was an indelible part of the early show’s success.

Like Steve Martin, he was involved in some of the greatest sketches of the era, and is often mistaken as a cast member.

He started his career playing lovable idiots, moved on to playing idiots with sensitive hearts, and then out of nowhere became one of the best actors of his generation.