Sean penn daughter dating

What do they possibly talk about, once they come up for air?

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” Which I won’t make fun of, because I don’t want Sean Penn to hunt me down and beat me like a used rug.

He is father to a 25-year-old daughter, Dylan, and a 23-year-old son, Hopper.

Many people were surprised to see pictures of Sean Penn kissing 24-year-old actress Leila George in Hawaii on Thursday — not least his girlfriend.

A source tells Page Six that Penn, 56, had been quietly dating a woman since the spring, and she believed that she and the star were in an exclusive relationship — until she saw the steamy shots of Penn and George smooching in the Pacific.

(I was so perplexed about not registering this relationship, I had to look back at my calendar – was I away? Sean Penn is dating Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter?!?!?!?! Leila George (as she is known professionally) is 25 now (24 when they started dating). So Sean is a year younger than Leila’s dad and Leila is a year younger than Sean’s daughter (as Lainey pointed out last year). They’ve both been working actors for decades, so they must have crossed paths at some point, right? What does Vincent think of the mercurial Sean Penn?