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Active Directory (AD) includes Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI), which gives administrators a rudimentary means of updating or deploying software to clients by using Windows Installer (.msi) files.But GPSI wasn’t designed to scale for large networks, nor has Microsoft invested in the technology since the introduction of AD 10 years ago.

Secunia not updating flash

You can do this quickly by opening a Power Shell window and running the following commands: After the . To install the latest version of Flash Player via WSUS, first download the Flash Player Windows Installer file. (Note: All the installation files are packaged inside the Flash Player MSI installer.) 3. (Note: The next page, which Figure 2 shows, already includes all the required information except Vendor and Product.) 4. In the Product box, type Flash Player or the appropriate program version. After a few seconds, you should be notified that the update has been successfully published to WSUS.

NET Framework is set up, install the Local Update Publisher tool on the WSUS server. Start the Local Update Publisher tool from the Start menu under All Programs. In a production environment, you should consider using a certificate issued by a Certification Authority (CA) that’s part of your organization’s public key infrastructure (PKI). In the MMC navigation pane, expand Certificates (Local Computer), then expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Right-click Certificates, point to All Tasks, and click Import. Then follow these steps to create a local update: 1. One disadvantage of using local updates is that they don’t display in the WSUS admin console; you must manage them by some other means.

Starting with version 3.0, WSUS includes local publishing APIs that, for the first time, let developers write code to publish custom updates to WSUS.

But there’s no free tool from Microsoft for leveraging these new APIs, although local publishing methods can be accessed from Visual Basic scripts or from other programming languages.

Before you follow these procedures, use the Server Manager wizard to install and configure WSUS to the default settings. In a production environment, the following settings would be configured in a Group Policy Object (GPO) and linked to an organizational unit (OU) that contains computers that we want to update by using WSUS. The only prerequisite for the Local Update Publisher program is the . Repeat steps 7 through 13 to import the same certificate in the Trusted Publishers container. If you must use an file, and if you can’t extract a Windows Installer package from it, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with System Center Update Publisher Basic Rules.