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Like even when he's up there [like] 'look at the way he dress'—what does that mean?He does a lot of stuff that [is] borderline racist, to me," he continued.

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And if she did not send it within one day, he threatened to publish the images already in his possession, and “let [her] family know about [her] dark side.” If she contacted law enforcement, he promised he would publish the photos on the Internet too.

Later in the day, to underscore his seriousness, the hacker followed up with another email threatening the victim: “You have six hours.” This victim knew her correspondent only as [email protected], but the attacker turned out to be a talented 32-year-old proficient in multiple computer languages.

) with them cops on the strips (Hot, hot) With Glocks on their hip (Yeah) Like shells when they drop when them shots get dismissed (Boom!

) The pain in my heart been my aim from the start We started when we came from the star Now we all gainin' on charts (You know) With back to back hits, like Yankees an' shit (Uh) Dipset, we gangsta as shit (That's right) But I credit my ghetto 'Cause now we rock platinum, the preciousest metal (Bling!

) As far as my Dips, we rich The cars and the whips We spent what you spent on your car on my wrist Don't bother me bitch In the midst of this grind, i'm twistin' my lime (Yeah!