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,” it answer, “I’m old enough to be your assistant.” Such comments are common.

AI researchers say that their virtual assistants spend much of their time fending off sexual harassment (a writer for Microsoft’s Cortana said “a good chunk of the volume of early-on inquiries were into Cortana’s sex life.”) Tech companies have adapted multiple strategies for dealing with the onslaught.

, there seems to always be an agreement that at some point in the future, we will be able to walk up to a machine, ask for some item of food and it will be prepared for us. In a future blog, I will talk further about the direction I see them going, but first I felt it necessary to dispel some of the mysticism that comes with the idea of a Chatbot while also paying homage to those who came before us.

The idea of what Chatbots do has been with us for as long as we’ve had personal computers and it is just now that we are aggregating all the various aspects into a single common notion.

“It never pretends to be a human, and the lines are never blurry,” he says.