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Each person should feel comfortable communicating their honest needs without being afraid of what the other person might do in response.

If a partner does not respect those needs, or goes against what the other person is comfortable with to a point where they don’t feel safe, that’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship and crossing personal boundary lines.

Eventually, a waitress came by to take our food order. Bathroom situation: The black-tiled women’s room has a couple stalls in decent repair.

Apparently, the men’s room sink was broken, so some guys were darting into the women’s room to wash their hands.

They stop by in jeans or sweats and eat cheesesteaks while looking at their phones. They also at one point got into a shouted argument over scheduling in the middle of the bar. Later, whenever she passed by, she’d chant: “Philly! Bring: Your out-of-town guests who want the authentic Philly experience.