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There will be plenty of time for the ol Jiggy bizness in the future.:cool: The age of consent wasn't set in order to enable teenagers to have "legal sex", but to make it easier to convict for rape.

I was under the impression that it was actually 14 here - I recall a big debate in the parliament about it last year or the year before.

I'm personally not cool with having sex with any girl under 18 even if it is legal here, so if I'm going to sleep with a girl I've met in a club should I be asking for ID?

That's messed up, how could clubs allow 16 year olds in when even the drinking age is 18?

Monday (soft) and Wednesday (medium-hard) from 20 - 21.00 and Thursday (medium-hard) from 18.30 - 19-30" Quote: prague101, but I still think it's crazy that it's 'okay' here for a 15 year old girl and a 40 year old man to have sex with each other. less chance of premature ejeculation so she actually enjoys it, if he can get it up at all that is. more chance of him knowing how to use contraceptives etc Quote: prague101I'm somewhat horrified to learn that the age of consent for sex in the Czech Republic is only 15.