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Due to low membership rates, poor design and lack of features, most simply aren’t worth joining at all.Except for the hugely popular Date In Asia website and perhaps Thai XOXO, this applies all the more to sites promising totally free-of-charge services.Bond's able to predict the baddies every move, knows how to ski down a mountain without a pair of skis, exactly the right moment to dive on top of the girl to save her (split seconds before the bomb explodes), and the exact moment a bullet is about to come through a wall.

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For many Western men, the delicate working background of ex-bar girls might also pose a psychological problem.

But where to meet a “normal” Thai girl who has never worked in a bar and isn’t dating you just because you’ve paid her bar fine?

Unless you can speak some Thai – a skill which can surely help “melt the ice” in the beginning – the language barrier is often another obstacle when trying to establish contact with a Thai lady in an everyday situation, for example, in a shopping mall or club.

Now there’s a genuine alternative for foreign men in search of introduction platforms other than beer bars or Gogo bars.

Many of these girls are students from Bangkok and single women from .