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Imagine statistics without the ostentatious jargons and latin-filled formulae. It is a science and a tool which other disciplines rely on for their investigations. So, in essence, statistics carries the purity of the sciences on its shoulders. , Vickers' aim is to show us what statistics means.For too long has statistics been passed as tedious and complicated, dull and boring. In more compelling terms, statistics is what makes science sexy. To do so, he carries us head-first into basic statistical concepts such as inference, estimation and mean, median and standard deviation. Each chapter focuses on a particular statistical concept.Speaking at the Re•Work Deep Learning Summit today in London, Brauer explained that it was more helpful to design chatbots around how human the interaction feels, rather than how human the chatbot should be itself.

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The output text is chosen by how well it correlates to the input text, which the system has learned from analyzing streams of text from the user.

Over time as the user works with the chatbot, it learns to adapt.

Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby, Morrison answered.

“He doesn’t give you very much away about himself, he’s an observer of others.

He did note, however, that he thought that bots could be a “disruption” in the future, and the way we interact with them could change in the future.