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I take a relationship and let it be what it will be. If it seems like we aren't going to get along, I'll end it politely.

The psychology behind the attraction to take action, the meat and potatoes of why we collaborate with another in an alluring way, and what the ultimate outcome could be in this type of union. These are the natural chemical substances emitted by our bodies to attract (or repel) another.

They are typically studied in animal behavior; however, human physiology is said to have a concentrated amount that escalates in emission when surrounded by members of either the opposite sex, or other humans who are in their own law of attraction mode. We all have instances where our scent is greater than at other times.

I love sex and love the female body.""I was looking for friendship and sex. Largely never thought I'd find a wife and the idea of sex without the emotional component of intimacy never worked out for me.""Any of the above is a treasure.

I enjoy sex, but I don't spend most of my time with other people having it. I eventually married my best friend.""I'm not looking for anything per se. A wife, ultimately, but casual sex is nice and so is friendship.""Friend.

The pheromones continue to elevate, yet the forward-motion step has an element of risk to it.