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Coming over to help cost time and this time has to be paid, these costs are obviously not included in the price of the product.

Q: My stream/radio station gives Connection Error XXX A1: You already have the answer: There is a connection error.

Without a proper and detailed question, including product type and version, it is impossible to give you help with so many products and versions out there. See more about how to properly make a support call here. A1: The SRC receivers have a build in auto revert for when the current playing stream reports to be offline, or is just not reachable (server not found).

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Shoutcast song title not updating dating 101 for dummies

Q: I have version x of product y, do you have an update?

A: Check the product version page to see if an update is available.

Ads on one of my stream are not playing and I am wondering if this is why. I quickly sent my stream upload to an independent shoutcast host , so looks like its the shoutcast hosting that isn't processing my metadata as it should.

Oh well, I will stop send the Advert triggers for now then.

If you did, take it into your inventory and rez it again.

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