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Some great minds consider this problem notoriously hard: How to help all the young male nerds I meet who suffer from [the dating] problem, in a way that passes feminist muster, and that triggers the world’s sympathy rather than outrage[?

Single nerds dating

Note that for the sake of this text, I use nerd and geek interchangeably.

If you are highly intellectual, socially awkward person, you are likely to benefit from this blog post series.

So, this text is not about: While I use the word nerd a lot, it’s not about self-identification (here is a very stereotypical case in White & Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic).

You don’t need to have your favourite equation, or a comic book!

Job interviews have similar dynamics - just instead of getting laid you want to land a job (you need to rather than express your neediness).