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As if this weren’t restrictive and arrogant enough, there is a slight implication (though one can’t be positive)_ that anything but heterosexual romance was encouraged.

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Geek Check Geek Check, also titled Brenda’s dating Advice Four Geeks” comes up as a dating site for geeks and technically it lends to that genre, but upon a closer look you will see that it is more of an example of someone’s (Brenda’s I suppose) personal dating blog in a non-blog format.

There are many links to advice about dating and funny quips from Brenda herself, horror stories, etc but there doesn’t appear to be any way to connect with others.

Something we won't check at baggage claim or give up at customs.

Unfortunately, for women, intelligence many times hinders our travels and keeps us from the promise land.

Women now associate the dating landscape with the same risks many face going into the arctic tundra.