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And, that's the sarcophagus for the mommy dearest sketch. And, ah, that's a pink hat that I've never really seen before.

(sees more Nico, Grady and Tawni lookalikes) Oh no. Sonny and Selena then pick up a snack and throw it behind them and Selena's snack hits a guy. Sonny does a dance and Selena just stares at her.) Chad: (walks in and talks through megaphone) Okay people.

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If don't give me your water I'll fill my bottles from the tap. (turns Chad's chair around and sees Chad looking at pictures of Sonny on his cellphone)Chad: You people disgust me, almost as much as the snot rocket that just came out of milady's nose. Let's go make you some tea because you're sick, (turns to the So Random cast) lovesick. (calms down) Uh, what I meant to say was...thank you. Oh, you mean the normal where you always win and I always lose? Boyfriends and girlfriends are suppose to support each other, root for each other.

Penelope: I'm giving you one last chance, Mac Kenzie.

(screams) And this is me getting under the table which is what you're suppose to do!

(turns and turns back around) I've got something to tell you Sonny. us wearing her jeans which will raise money for more books and less money for no books and everybody wins except Chad!!!!!!

The cast is rivaled with another show in the same studio, Mac Kenzie Falls starring Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight).