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All a game, being remade into a being of pure obedience and arousal and submission.She thinks it is all a game, but in reality she is being remade into His twisted plaything, what would she do when she realizes what is going on?But all is not well in the land, and House Koyasu harbors a terrible secret.

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Everyone’s favorite dimwitted demon is back and this time he’s opening his own costume shop.

Unfortunately a couple of familiar baddies from hell are also back, and they’ve made sure Donnie’s shop carries very special costumes. Wilson believes he has found a truly renewable energy source, but he needs to go halfway around the world to collect it and perform some tests.

Also coincidentally, he obtains a sample of a powerful mind-control drug.

The Dominator faces the very peppy dynamic duo of Spirit Girl and The Firecracker.

Universes are paths, paths we have taken that have led us to chose this universe over others.