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Sweden would also place a permanent deployment of troops on the Swedish island of Gotland, which is located just 155 miles from Kaliningrad, Russia's European enclave.

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SPAS hopes it will serve as a reminder to the Swedish government that there are creative ways to deal with potential threats.

"There are many modern examples in the world of how conflicts can be resolved without military intervention," Anna Ek, president of SPAS, said. In March, Sweden announced that it would increase military spending in direct response to what it saw as a more aggressive Russia, reversing years of budget cuts in the Scandinavian nation.

One of the laws sought to prohibit the education of children about "non-traditional sexual relations." "If there is a submarine down there and there is a crew member who hears or sees the sailor, they are welcome to join us in the Pride Parade on August 1 in Stockholm," Daniel Holking, head of fundraising and communications at SPAS, said in a statement.