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'Trisha is hugely popular with the viewers, and has the right mix of sympathy and cheeky comedy,' said an ITV insider.

'It's a shame she could not be persuaded.' Blind Date has helped to make 59-year-old Cilla one of Britain's highest paid television stars, receiving £50,000 per show as part of her annual £2.5million earnings.

While all other housemates expressed their desire to stay in the house, Trisha cried with laughter as she was presented with the meal - and immediately accepted.

The pair sang together on countless Brooks hits, and were frequent touring partners while both were married to other people.

The story of their first meeting isn’t nearly as romantic as the rest of their courtship. Brooks said last year that songwriter Kent Blazy introduced the two of them in 1987, two years before the future superstar would release his first album on Capitol Records.

Since then she has been determined to keep busy through working harder than ever, and enjoying an action-packed social life.

Her manager, her sonherson Robert Willis, was clearly taken aback by the attempt to replace her.

But Trisha told the Daily Mail that, while she was flattered to receive the lucrative offer, she intends to turn it down.